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We listen to you. We analyse. We create. We act.

the option is everything that can solve your challenge from start to finish.

A partner that moves forward with you.

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the option brings together professionals with diverse profiles to provide 360º digital solutions in the on and offline environment. Without giving magic formulas or absolute truths and avoiding unproductive reports or irrelevant tasks.

We are strategy and action, global vision and concreteness, empathy and attention. We ask questions to find the best option every time: your option.

How do we work?

With resolution.

We are practical and ambitious, we solve every challenge with the option you need.

With flexibility.

We adapt to opportunities with professionalism, common sense and collaboration.

Close to you.

We create transparent and respectful relationships by being there whenever we are needed.

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We build together to find the option that has everything you need to solve your business challenges.

AWe add value to your business.

We create valuable connections so that everyone is satisfied with the results of our business. Because we are convinced that things can be done well and the sum of talent is always the option to achieve it.

We build our foundation on solid pillars:


We always prioritise people.


We learn through curiosity.


We work on every detail with knowledge.


We say things as they are.


We are never afraid to go the extra mile in everything.

Oficina the option
Oficina the option

the option manifesto: Our statement of intentions.

01. We’re your option: We work to be that in every project, in every delivery, in every decision.

02. We want to join you on your journey to help you build the option that best suits you. With flexibility in the face of uncertainty or with the rigour of a plan.

03. We always choose to listen (to you). We ask questions to find answers, and we don't settle for just any answer, we look for the answer.

04. We believe in dialogue. With no ambiguities, with humility. Always choosing empathy and know-how. Transparency and treating each other as equals.

05. We decided to build from the ground up, debating every step, providing strategy before implementing and managing without ever losing commitment and always trying to go one step further.

06. With patience and ambition, we think creatively without losing sight of reality.

07. In a changing world that requires speed and constant decision-making, we decided to bring our talents to bear.

At the option, we give freedom to choose,
with training and tools, with support and involvement, from strategy to action We want to be your 360º digital strategic partner.

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